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When your path to better health includes surgery, Grand Itasca considers it a privilege to care for our neighbors. We are proud to offer our highly-skilled staff, wide-ranging services, collaborative approach, and up-to-date technology to serve this special community where northern Minnesota hospitality and fresh air are never lacking.

Our board-certified surgeons and other members of the surgical team—including registered nurses, surgical technologists, certified registered nurses anesthetists (CRNAs), sterile processing technicians and certified nursing assistants—all work together to ensure that every patient’s experience is the very best possible.

In addition to our team of general surgeons, we also have specialists in Breast, OB/Gyn, Orthopedics, and Urology surgeries.

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General Surgery

Grand Itasca is dedicated to providing exceptional surgical outcomes for each patient. Our General Surgery department offers quality care with a focus on minimally-invasive procedures. As a result, patients have less pain and can return to everyday activities sooner.


Grand Itasca’s CRNAs are part of a skilled team that works with you before, during, and after surgery. After a thorough evaluation, our CRNAs will develop an anesthesia plan tailored to your unique needs, then carefully monitor you during surgery. Throughout preparation, surgery, and recovery, patient safety is our top concern.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is almost always a recommended treatment for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Our dedicated breast surgeon performs several types of breast surgeries, depending on the location of the tumor, stage of cancer and other factors. Your surgeon will work closely with oncologists to determine the best path for initial surgery, while also taking into consideration the larger breast cancer treatment plan at Grand Itasca. We also perform preventative (prophylactic) mastectomies for select patients who are at high risk for hereditary breast cancer. 
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Gynecological Surgery

Grand Itasca OB/Gyns are skilled in performing surgery to treat a wide range of conditions, including advanced gynecological surgeries and treatment for complex medical concerns. Whenever possible, we perform minimally-invasive surgery, which leads to less scarring and pain, fewer complications and a faster recovery.
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Orthopedic Surgery

Trust our experienced orthopedic surgeons to guide you through anything from minimally-invasive procedures to complex back surgeries or joint replacements. We are committed to providing you with expert surgical  solutions and personalized patient education for all of your orthopedic needs.
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Urologic Surgery

Our urology surgeon treats patients who have problems with the urinary system, kidney stones, male infertility and sexual dysfunction, enlarged prostate, pelvic pain, incontinence, urethral stricture, as well as cancers of the prostate, bladder, kidney, and testis. Surgical options may include laser assisted stone removals, imaging guided prostate interventions, minimally invasive prostate removal alternatives, bladder simulator interventions, and cancer procedures.
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Patient Resources

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